GNU Emacs

37.2 DocView Searching

In DocView mode, you can search the file’s text for a regular expression (see Syntax of Regular Expressions). The interface for searching is inspired by isearch (see Incremental Search).

To begin a search, type C-s ( doc-view-search) or C-r ( doc-view-search-backward). This reads a regular expression using a minibuffer, then echoes the number of matches found within the document. You can move forward and back among the matches by typing C-s and C-r. DocView mode has no way to show the match inside the page image; instead, it displays a tooltip (at the mouse position) listing all matching lines in the current page. To force display of this tooltip, type C-t ( doc-view-show-tooltip).

To start a new search, use the search command with a prefix argument; i.e., C-u C-s for a forward search or C-u C-r for a backward search.