GNU Emacs

17.6 Editing a Keyboard Macro

C-x C-k C-e

Edit the last defined keyboard macro ( kmacro-edit-macro).

C-x C-k e name RET

Edit a previously defined keyboard macro name ( edit-kbd-macro).

C-x C-k l

Edit the last 300 keystrokes as a keyboard macro ( kmacro-edit-lossage).

You can edit the last keyboard macro by typing C-x C-k C-e or C-x C-k RET ( kmacro-edit-macro). This formats the macro definition in a buffer and enters a specialized major mode for editing it. Type C-h m once in that buffer to display details of how to edit the macro. When you are finished editing, type C-c C-c.

You can edit a named keyboard macro or a macro bound to a key by typing C-x C-k e ( edit-kbd-macro). Follow that with the keyboard input that you would use to invoke the macro— C-x e or M-x name or some other key sequence.

You can edit the last 300 keystrokes as a macro by typing C-x C-k l ( kmacro-edit-lossage).