GNU Emacs

25.14.3 Editing Format Information

The easiest way to alter properties is with the ‘ Text Properties’ menu. You can get to this menu from the ‘ Edit’ menu in the menu bar (see The Menu Bar), or with C-mouse-2 (see Mouse Clicks for Menus). Some of the commands in the ‘ Text Properties’ menu are listed below (you can also invoke them with M-x):

Remove Face Properties

Remove face properties from the region ( facemenu-remove-face-props).

Remove Text Properties

Remove all text properties from the region, including face properties ( facemenu-remove-all).

Describe Properties

List all text properties and other information about the character following point ( describe-text-properties).

Display Faces

Display a list of defined faces ( list-faces-display). See Text Faces.

Display Colors

Display a list of defined colors ( list-colors-display). See Colors for Faces.

The other menu entries are described in the following sections.