GNU Emacs
Dashboard General Options

Emacs normally does not save backup files for source files that are maintained with version control. If you want to make backup files even for files that use version control, set the variable vc-make-backup-files to a non- nil value.

Editing a version-controlled file through a symbolic link may cause unexpected results, if you are unaware that the underlying file is version-controlled. The variable vc-follow-symlinks controls what Emacs does if you try to visit a symbolic link pointing to a version-controlled file. If the value is ask (the default), Emacs asks for confirmation. If it is nil, Emacs just displays a warning message. If it is t, Emacs automatically follows the link and visits the real file instead.

If vc-suppress-confirm is non- nil, then C-x v v and C-x v i can save the current buffer without asking, and C-x v u also operates without asking for confirmation.

VC mode does much of its work by running the shell commands for the appropriate version control system. If vc-command-messages is non- nil, VC displays messages to indicate which shell commands it runs, and additional messages when the commands finish.