GNU Emacs

D.5.3 GTK+ Widget Names in Emacs

The GTK+ widgets used by an Emacs frame are listed below:

Emacs (class GtkWindow)pane (class GtkVBox)menubar (class GtkMenuBar)[menu item widgets][unnamed widget] (class GtkHandleBox)emacs-toolbar (class GtkToolbar)[tool bar item widgets]emacs (class GtkFixed)verticalScrollBar (class GtkVScrollbar)

The contents of Emacs windows are drawn in the emacs widget. Note that even if there are multiple Emacs windows, each scroll bar widget is named verticalScrollBar.

For example, here are two different ways to set the menu bar style:

widget "Emacs.pane.menubar.*" style "my_style"
widget_class "GtkWindow.GtkVBox.GtkMenuBar.*" style "my_style"

For GTK+ dialogs, Emacs uses a widget named emacs-dialog, of class GtkDialog. For file selection, Emacs uses a widget named emacs-filedialog, of class GtkFileSelection.

Because the widgets for pop-up menus and dialogs are free-standing windows and not contained in the Emacs widget, their GTK+ absolute names do not start with ‘ Emacs’. To customize these widgets, use wildcards like this:

widget "*emacs-dialog*" style "my_dialog_style"
widget "*emacs-filedialog* style "my_file_style"
widget "*emacs-menuitem* style "my_menu_style"

If you want to apply a style to all menus in Emacs, use this:

widget_class "*Menu*" style "my_menu_style"