GNU Emacs

D.3 Lucid Menu And Dialog X Resources

If Emacs is compiled with the X toolkit support using Lucid widgets, you can use X resources to customize the appearance of the menu bar (see The Menu Bar), pop-up menus, and dialog boxes (see Using Dialog Boxes). The resources for the menu bar fall in the ‘ pane.menubar’ class (following, as always, either the name of the Emacs executable or ‘ Emacs’ for all Emacs invocations). The resources for the pop-up menu are in the ‘ menu*’ class. The resources for dialog boxes are in the ‘ dialog*’ class.

For example, to display menu bar entries with the ‘ Courier-12’ font (see Fonts), write this:

Emacs.pane.menubar.font: Courier-12

Lucid widgets can display multilingual text in your locale. To enable this, specify a fontSet resource instead of a font resource. See Fontsets. If both font and fontSet resources are specified, the fontSet resource is used.

Here is a list of resources for menu bars, pop-up menus, and dialogs:


Font for menu item text.


Fontset for menu item text.


Background color.


Foreground color for a selected item.


Foreground color.


Horizontal spacing in pixels between items. Default is 3.


Vertical spacing in pixels between items. Default is 2.


Horizontal spacing between the arrow (which indicates a submenu) and the associated text. Default is 10.


Thickness of shadow lines for 3D buttons, arrows, and other graphical elements. Default is 1.


Margin of the menu bar, in characters. Default is 1.