GNU Emacs

33.2 Scrolling Within a Message

When Rmail displays a message that does not fit on the screen, you must scroll through it to read the rest. You could do this with the usual scrolling commands: C-v, M-v and M-< (see Scrolling), but in Rmail scrolling is so frequent that it deserves to be easier.


Scroll forward ( scroll-up-command).


Scroll backward ( scroll-down-command).


Scroll to start of message ( rmail-beginning-of-message).


Scroll to end of message ( rmail-end-of-message).

Since the most common thing to do while reading a message is to scroll through it by screenfuls, Rmail makes SPC and DEL (or S-SPC) do the same as C-v ( scroll-up-command) and M-v ( scroll-down-command) respectively.

The command . ( rmail-beginning-of-message) scrolls back to the beginning of the selected message. This is not quite the same as M-<: for one thing, it does not set the mark; for another, it resets the buffer boundaries of the current message if you have changed them (e.g., by editing, see Editing Within a Message). Similarly, the command / ( rmail-end-of-message) scrolls forward to the end of the selected message.