GNU Emacs

28.2.3 Switching Projects

C-x p p

Run an Emacs command for another project ( project-switch-project).

Commands that operate on project files (see Project Commands That Operate on Files) will conveniently prompt you for a project directory when no project is current. When you are inside some project, but you want to operate on a different project, use the C-x p p command ( project-switch-project). This command prompts you to choose a directory among known project roots, and then displays the menu of available commands to operate on the project you choose. The variable project-switch-commands controls which commands are available in the menu, and which key invokes each command.

The variable project-list-file names the file in which Emacs records the list of known projects. It defaults to the file projects in user-emacs-directory (see How Emacs Finds Your Init File).